Aurora private tutoring offers a variety of tutoring programs for K-12 and adults.  Please browse our popular programs below or contact us for more information about tutoring programs.

Test Preparation Tutoring: Helping Your Child to Succeed on NY State Tests

This program will give your child the necessary skills and knowledge they need to succeed on NY State tests. As your private tutor, I will identify, using New York State Department of Education  a resources, all the skills and requirements your kids need to be successful on the NY State exam. I will also collaborate with your classroom teacher to find out useful information or areas your child may benefit from direct instruction and practice.

This exam preparation program will provide your children with one-on-one instruction. I’ll focus on the skills that are essential for success and greater test-taking confidence. Appropriate resources will be used to target your kid’s testing needs and exercises designed for practice of the essential skills. If necessary, a private tutor will provide research-based strategies that are proven effective.

Please contact us today to know more about what test your children are obligated to take in their grade level so they can be better prepared today and tomorrow. Once the scores are in, you can’t change them, so be sure to take the time to prepare well and celebrate your child’s successes.

Cost: Contact Audrey Cohn

Summer Enrichment Program: Literacy Program

In this six-week program, we will explore non-fiction and read to learn about many topics of interest to your child. This program is content focused. Some integration of websites will be incorporated into our daily routines.

This program will benefit your children by improving their academic (content) vocabulary at their grade level and above. Students will also have the opportunity to write about their favorite topics and put their new vocabulary to use.

Cost: Contact Audrey Cohn

Summer Content Writing Program

This program will provide your children with time to write about many of their favorite topics and compile a non-fiction or content book of many fascinating topics of interests. Students will learn the basics of report writing and grow confidence in giving supportive details to back up their topic. This program benefits your children because they will be ale to perform well in any content writing assignment or essay question test where they have to give substantial details about their topic.

We will also work with comparative writing and use specific writing strategies that will empower your writers to be specific and develop clarity. Additionally, your children will leave the program with ideas about how to write books and reports about topics that interest them.

Cost: Contact Audrey Cohn

Spanish Conversation for the Young and Mature

Learn to speak Spanish with ease. This program will be fun and interactive for both the young and mature. We will simulate a variety of real-life situations and learn to use appropriate expressions in Spanish. Each class we will build from what we have learned and work toward mini-conversations about everyday interactions.

This class benefits students who want to start speaking Spanish today and converse with others in Spanish. Students will be able to learn at their pace and be offered resources for further home study.

Cost: Contact Audrey Cohn