Private Tutoring

Audrey Cohn offers the following tutoring and test preparation services for K-12 students, adults, and home-school children:

  1. One-on-one private instruction in one skill, such as reading, writing, or math for the elementary student over a month, two month, or three month period.
  2. One-on-one private instruction in more than one skill over a one month, two month period, three month period.
  3. A literacy enrichment program that explores a wide variety of stories and literacy genres.
  4. ELA Test Preparation: Tutoring of test-specific writing and comprehension strategies.
  5. Math enrichment for the elementary child: exploring ways math is used in real life. Children use a variety of objects to help sort, count and group to help develop computation skills.
  6. Math NYS Tests Preparation.
  7. Spanish for the adult for travel or conversation.
  8. Exploring Spanish for the young and not-so-young child.
  9. Spanish for the NYS Regents exam.
  10. Summer Spanish Conversation.

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