Private Tutoring Articles

A Tutor Can Help You Learn Spanish

Are you traveling to a Spanish-speaking country? Do you need assistance in learning to speak Spanish quickly? A private Spanish tutor can help you learn the important phrases and simulate real-life situations and dialogue. Your tutor can target the words and phrases you will need on your trip. It’s important to identify and communicate what topics you need to learn first and improve those which … [Read more...]

Why Kids Succeed in School with a Private Tutor

What can you do to help your child feel successful in school and perform well on NY State mandated tests? That is indeed a very good question. I’m happy to answer this question for you…. As a parent, you have several options to help your children in school and to guarantee their future success as lifelong learners. Today, parents are very busy. They don’t always ask the right questions when … [Read more...]

Experienced Private Tutors are Certified Teachers

Experienced, certified teachers are the best home tutors because they can identify the needs of your children. When parents are looking for a private tutor often they want their tutor to understand what children need to know in the classroom and on state tests. Most certified teachers have an understanding of state standards and can identify with the skills kids need to know. They know which … [Read more...]

Why Home Tutoring Builds School Children’s Confidence

Building confidence in school is essential for children--especially for kids who feel they are not as smart as other students. A private tutor can offer a non-competitive environment with one-on-one instruction that empowers your children. Some kids come home from school and feel like that have not been as successful as their friends or classmates. They feel like they are not as smart because they … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Private Tutoring?

Private or home tutoring offers one-on-one exploration of subject matter and helps to identify areas of skill improvement. Private tutoring helps your children work at their grade level while aligning this with the essential skills they need to be successful at school. Children can feel unsuccessful at school or at taking a test that they are poorly prepared for but be very capable of learning … [Read more...]