About Audrey Cohn

Audrey Cohn is New York certified Elementary, Special Education and ESL teacher who has worked in a variety of school settings for a diverse cultural population in WNY for over a decade.

Audrey Cohn lives in East Aurora, New York and is a specialist in working with diverse learners. She uses strategies that help prepare students for the demands of their academic school and homework. She has traveled the world and has worked as a teacher in a variety of school settings.

Audrey brings you private tutoring programs that enhance and enrich your child’s education while preparing them to receive higher results on state tests. She helps your kids improve their performance on everyday classroom tasks and enjoy homework assignments.

She has experience teaching children, adolescence and adults Spanish in and out of school settings. She is interested in helping you prepare you for your work or leisure adventures to Spanish speaking countries. Audrey will help you learn the speaking skills you need through active dialogue and practice.

For over two decades, Audrey Cohn has been helping students to communicate effectively in English and Spanish. She works with proven effective research-based techniques and strategies. Annually, Audrey attends important state and national conferences in person and through educational webinars. She receives ongoing professional development as a teacher to improve literacy, writing and enhance communication skills.

Writing across the curriculum is increasingly important throughout your child’s education. Audrey has many years of teaching writing across the curriculum and helping students succeed. She uses specific strategies that assist students in organizing their ideas so that they can compose cohesive informational writing pieces. She also prepares students for DBQ’s; essays for social study NY State exams and can assist students with specific vocabulary and strategies for comparison essays.

She understands the contemporary skills your child needs to succeed in school. She prepared students for exams for many years with successful results. She allows students to take an active part in their learning while empowering their skills and giving them confidence so they will not be stressed from state tests. She also knows that for some students they need to practice more and in different ways. Audrey can teach your child a new and more interesting approach to studying while helping them become better readers and writers.