Why Kids Succeed in School with a Private Tutor

What can you do to help your child feel successful in school and perform well on NY State mandated tests? That is indeed a very good question. I’m happy to answer this question for you….

As a parent, you have several options to help your children in school and to guarantee their future success as lifelong learners. Today, parents are very busy. They don’t always ask the right questions when communicating with their children’s teachers. It is always a good idea to just ask your child’s teachers what they think your child needs to practice before he takes the state assessments, for example. Often, you will get very good advice from your child’s teacher.

Advice from teaches can be used by your child’s private home tutor. This way, the tutor can follow through on teachers’ suggestions and practice with your child. Recently, I did just that. I asked my son’s teacher, how he could benefit from home practice. For the NY State ELA 3rd grade exam, I learned he needed to know how to write a strong beginning, middle, and end. He also needed to know how to echo a question in his short writing responses while adding details. This requires him to go back to the text and get at least two supportive details.

As a certified New York State elementary teacher and home tutor, I understood the skills she was recommending for practice at home. I also know that there are specific learning strategies my son can learn to successfully complete the short response questions. Private tutors are well trained to help your children with these skills. Tutors can make it easier for your children to learn by giving them a step-by-step strategy to answer ELA questions, which can otherwise prove challenging.

For the NY State ELA test for 3rd and 4th graders, I discovered that the test for May 2011 has additional writing. The NY Educational state department states that 3rd graders have many more short writing responses and one long writing response. Thus, they have to go back and get details from their reading of just one passage. The 4th grade ELA requires that they write more short responses as well and one comparative essay response by which they have to take four to six details from two different texts.

Private tutors and home teachers are well-informed of these changes and know how to help your child receive up-to-date skills for school success. It’s important that your kids learn the practice strategies that will lead to successful results. This way they have a step-by-step process and will not give up. Private tutors will teach practice strategies that your children use when questions appear challenging at first.
Don’t hesitate to contact your local home private tutor today for better school success. Also, be sure to work together with your child’s classroom teacher to know the skills that are essential for your child’s success.

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