Experienced Private Tutors are Certified Teachers

Experienced, certified teachers are the best home tutors because they can identify the needs of your children. When parents are looking for a private tutor often they want their tutor to understand what children need to know in the classroom and on state tests.

Most certified teachers have an understanding of state standards and can identify with the skills kids need to know. They know which performance indicators will be tested. Schooling has grown to be a complex system with many dynamic factors coming into play. Setting high state standards means there must be well-defined ways to show accountability; testing is an integral part of the classroom and school community.

Certified teachers examine which areas are in need of improvement by analyzing ELA, math and content exams. This is called data analysis and is crucial in knowing what specific skills and knowledge gaps students possess.

Experienced teachers can identify these gaps or deficits. Since they have had valuable discussions with their school teaching peers about such issues, certified teachers can more easily and effectively identify the individual skills your child needs to improve.

Additionally, certified and seasoned teachers are up-to-date with changes on state tests and can better prepare your child so they have less surprises and feel more competent when they do take standardized tests. Well-qualified teachers offer individual attention and quality instruction your child deserves. Teachers draw from a wide variety of experience with diverse students as well as receive formal observations from administrators about the art of pedagogy and effective teaching strategies.

Well-qualified certified teachers are a valuable resource in our community. They have not only read thousand of children’s books and can quickly identify what books your child may like based on your child’s interests, but also allow your child to grow intellectually by asking the appropriate high-level questions that promote deeper comprehension.

When considering a tutor, look for someone who has been in the local school system and who has worked with all age groups.

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