Tools to Help Your Kids Succeed

Hi, I’m Audrey Cohn. I’m a certified Elementary, Special Education and ESL teacher in East Aurora, New York who has worked in a variety of school settings for a diverse cultural population in WNY for over a decade. I can help you help your kids succeed in school and prepare students better for NY State exams.

My company, Aurora Private Tutoring, is designed to help your school-aged children with all of their educational needs. I offer an enrichment program for students to boost reading skills, math skills, and develop a better understanding of all literacy genres that will lead to enjoyment of reading and comprehensive skills.

I also guide students, one-on-one, to perform at their best on NYS ELA state exams. I help prepare your kids to be familiar with the testing format and offer guided practice. I also work with parents on guiding their children to sound reading practices and provide educational resources that children can access on their free time or home study time.

Aurora Private TutoringAt, you and your kids:

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Please contact me with any questions you might have about private tutoring!